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Salutations! Welcome to Ones of The Beyond. Feel free to look around, and we'd be overjoyed if you decide to register! If you're having issues, contact one of the Generals, thank you!
--Karkat Vantas

'Ones Of Beyond' is a 2-D Graphical Chat in the making. Our forum is still under construction, so please just bear with us. If you have and questions, please message one of our current administrators. Thank you!

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Tiny Hiatus :3 Call it a Semi-Hiatus

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1Stary Tiny Hiatus :3 Call it a Semi-Hiatus on Fri Aug 12, 2011 6:20 am


Lazy Dog
I'm currently busy with school at the moment. I've been getting bad marks and I really need to take things seriously. But regardless, I will not neglect my duties as an admin. (: I do check the forums from time to time even though I do not post (; Hehe (: anyways, talk to you guys whenever I get on! ^w^

However if you need me, you can talk to LoveByHeart(Genre) and she will tell me about it. Since we live in the same house. ;D

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