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Fabled Dreams - Unleash Your Imagination

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1Stary Fabled Dreams - Unleash Your Imagination on Thu Sep 08, 2011 1:07 am


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Fabled Dreams is a site where users can choose a pose set that's otherworldly - in other words, they can be a completely made-up species (not to be confused as mythical)!

We have set roleplay rules, so that nobody would have to fight over claiming the public rooms. Different subscriptions have different pose sets - and to keep it interesting, we'll add new sets as we progress with the site (:

Currently, only the forum resides. Our chat may be up in October or November, depending on when UD finishes with his code.

Fabled Dreams Forum



*New pose set created by Doomkitty! Thank you!
**We're now doing Requests and Freebie Requests, similarly to PosePro. Dantebloodline, one of our Gamma's, suggested it (:


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