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Salutations! Welcome to Ones of The Beyond. Feel free to look around, and we'd be overjoyed if you decide to register! If you're having issues, contact one of the Generals, thank you!
--Karkat Vantas

'Ones Of Beyond' is a 2-D Graphical Chat in the making. Our forum is still under construction, so please just bear with us. If you have and questions, please message one of our current administrators. Thank you!

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1Stary FreeToons on Mon Nov 28, 2011 3:15 pm


Lazy Dog
Hello, wonderful community of Ones of the Beyond! Kasedya here. I'd like to introduce you all to a forum I created a while ago, formerly known as Character Kennel and Character Cave, remade to be more user-friendly and less confusing, less forum clutter.
Free Toons is a forum for the Chatlands community to enjoy by selling, trading, and giving away free characters and adoptables! Owned by myself, co-owned by Skotadi/Clovette, and a wonderful moderator team, we're happy to answer any questions you might need to know.
PLEASE read the ruled before posting! If you want, you can even introduce yourself to get to know everyone!
On Free Toons, you even have the option to become a Moderator or a Moderator's Assistant! Applications are always open - to fill one out, answer the questions and send it via PM to a moderator of the forum.
You can also become a Contributor! A moderator will instantly make you a contributor if you make free characters or adoptables often. A contributor is nothing more than a special name, though - if you want to become a Moderator's Assistant, fill out an app.
What's New??
- Skin Event! From December 1st through January 1st, users can sign up to create their own skin on the ACP! Only trusted users will be granted this oppritunity. The best skin voted by the moderation will be chosen to become the forum's default!

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2Stary Re: FreeToons on Tue Nov 29, 2011 6:15 pm


Lazy Dog
Congrats to Izayoi for becoming Moderator and Nel for becoming Moderator's Assistant!
Christmas plans are currently being drawn up between the moderators...
Surprises are to be lurking around every corner come this Holiday season! Be sure to check back often for updates!

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