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Role Playing Forums

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Lazy Dog
Do you like to Roleplay, or want to learn how? This is one of the best sites out there to do so! (And it is Free! Smile)
Come join a very fun, friendly, helpful, and active community.
This site is based on roleplaying, but there is MUCH MUCH more to do then JUST role play!
You can also...

-Make friends
-Share art, stories, songs, poems, etc.
-Make adoptable siggy pets, art shops, or art galleries
-Take part in monthly site activities, like parties and events
-Play games in the arcade and compete for top scores on the leaderboard
-Join/Create fan clubs
-Enter or make Contests and Raffles
-Play forum games

Please check out the site, we would LOVE to have you! All levels of role playing are welcome! We have very helpful staff, eager to answer any questions you may have! Wink
There are things like Role Play Training, for the people who want to learn how to RP, and then there is a roleplay section open up for any level to RP in, and there is an advanced section for those pro-RP'ers! There is even an interactive section for things like wolf packs, cat clans, ect, so the different 'clans' or 'packs' can be interactive with eachother. There is also a Warrior Cat section for all those Warrior fans to RP in! Very Happy
Please join the site today! You won't regret it! Here is the link:

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