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Tier (Animal) Aids Parade

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1Stary Tier (Animal) Aids Parade on Wed Jul 13, 2011 3:19 pm


Mailman Chaser
[size=150]Tier (Animal) Aids Parade[/size][size=85]
(We celebrate by having the joy to donate to animal charities all around the world. Help us!)[/size]

(I am looking for a few artist, so if interested just PM me. There WILL be pay but I dont have a bunch of cash.)

Link to site. v

Currently this forum is under construction still. So far about 80% of the forum is done but as of now, I am looking for a few people to help me out. I would really enjoy people dedicated to helping animals like my life is devoted too. If you would like to help me please just send me a PM or post here. Let me know why you would like and deserve to help out.

THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE A CHAT. Well since thats out of the way... Tier Aids Parade is a forum dedicated to earning/donating and giving money to all kinds of shelters and charities for animals. My plan is for us to have art be a big thing involved at Tier Aids Parade. For things such as events, fundraisers, contest, and etc. As the forum gets more members and more help along the way we will have more things people can get involved with.

(Still not sure if I am going with this name, if you feel you have a better name just let me know what you think.)

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